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Linens of Cartago is a project of Combray Textile & Design in conjunction with the craftswomen of Cartago, Colombia.

Linens of Cartago seeks to revitalize the use of the unique and centenary Morisque-Spanish tradition of textile openwork, an exquisite technique that has been kept alive, passed on and refined for many generations of craftswomen in the city of Cartago, Colombia.


By the close collaboration between Combray's designers and Cartago's most skilled embroiderers and craftswomen, Linens of Cartago has been able to bring the openwork technique, used mostly on typical garments, into the space of luxury home design, developing exquisite and exclusive table linens of the highest quality. 


Our first collection of table linens, which includes cocktail napkins, napkins, placemats, runners and hand towels, has been meticulously handcrafted on the finest Belgian linens was available as a limited edition at Barneys, New York.




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